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What is the use of wind power flange?


The wind power flange is a structural member that connects each section of the tower or between the tower and the hub, or between the hub and the blades. It is usually connected by bolts.

Wind power flange is simply a wind turbine flange. Wind power flange is also called wind tower flange. Its process flow mainly includes the following steps:

1. Refined raw material sources and exported flaw detection plates

2. After the materials enter the factory, they will be re-inspected by the County Technical Supervision Bureau

3. The material is cut by a large sawing machine

4. Raw materials are heated in the heating furnace

5. Top punching and repeated forging forming

6. Normalizing and annealing heat treatment

7. Rough machining after heat treatment

8. Fine machining after passing the test

The principle of wind power flange:

The material used in the wind power flange is low-alloy high-strength steel Q345E/S355NL. The lowest temperature of the working environment is close to -40°C, and the maximum wind force can be withstood up to level 12. The heat treatment requirement is normalizing. The normalizing process refines the grains. , uniform organization, improving organizational defects, and improving the comprehensive mechanical properties of forged flanges.

The degree of normalizing has a greater impact on the structure, and the appropriate temperature refines the grains, thereby obtaining good performance. If the temperature is too low, it will have little effect. If the temperature is too high, the grains will become coarse and the Widmanstatten structure will easily form, which will reduce the performance.

Mechanical property tests and structural observations were conducted on the normalizing process of forged flanges before and after improvement. The results show that a flange with better comprehensive mechanical properties can be obtained by using appropriate normalizing process.


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