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What is the output voltage and current of the piezoelectric ceramic pellet igniter


What is the output voltage and current of the piezoelectric ceramic pellet igniter

The voltage is generally in the range of 4000V--6000V, and there are also tens of thousands of volts. The current is small, only about a few microamps (μA).

When the piezoelectric ceramic is deformed by external force, the piezoelectric ceramic can generate voltage, and the greater the deformation rate, the greater the voltage generated; when the piezoelectric ceramic is under pressure, it will generate a voltage of kilovolts or even 10,000 volts, and the electric shock ability very strong.

Although the voltage generated by the ceramic pellet igniter piezoelectric ceramic is very high, the current is relatively weak, so it will not cause harm to people.

The fuel used in piezoelectric ceramic ceramic pellet igniters: mainly flammable gas, gasoline was mostly used in the early days, but it is rarely used now because of the peculiar smell. Butane, propane and petroleum liquefied gas are mostly used now. They are pressurized and filled into a closed air box. Once released into the air, they absorb heat and vaporize and expand rapidly, which is very easy to ignite.

The working principle of the piezoelectric ceramic ceramic pellet igniter: a piezoelectric ceramic element is installed in the ignition mechanism. Under the action of mechanical stress, ceramic pellet igniter cause the relative displacement of the internal positive and negative charge centers to cause polarization, resulting in the appearance of bound charges of opposite signs on the surfaces of the two ends of the material. Therefore, when the piezoelectric ceramic element is subjected to impact pressure, the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy, and an instantaneous high-voltage electric spark is released at the tip to ignite the fuel.


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