How to maintain the vacuum pump?

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The Silent Oil-free Vacuum Pump Motor is the power equipment of the evaporator. Its stable operation is related to the working status of the entire evaporation system. Therefore, how to maintain the vacuum pump when the evaporation equipment is running? Pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the vacuum pump, prolong the service life of the vacuum pump, improve the working efficiency of the vacuum pump, and the maintenance method of the vacuum pump is very important.

During the daily use of the vacuum pump, what vacuum pump maintenance methods should we use? 11 kinds of vacuum pump maintenance methods are shared with everyone. The daily maintenance and maintenance methods of vacuum pumps are generally divided into two types, regular routine maintenance and maintenance methods during use. The following are specific maintenance methods. You can briefly understand them.

1. Regular maintenance method of vacuum pump

1. Always check the oil level position, and adjust it to meet the requirements if it does not meet the requirements. Make sure that the oil level reaches the center of the oil mark when the vacuum pump is running.

2. Frequently check the oil quality, and replace the new oil in time if the oil is found to be deteriorated, so as to ensure the normal operation of the vacuum pump.

3. Regularly check whether the vacuum pump pipeline and joints are loose. Turn the vacuum pump by hand to see if the vacuum pump is flexible. And check the wear of the shaft sleeve, and replace it in time after the wear is large.

How to maintain the vacuum pump? 11 ways to share vacuum pump maintenance! - drive

5. The oil change period of the vacuum pump is considered according to the actual use situation and whether it can meet the performance requirements. Generally, it is recommended to change the oil once every 100 hours of operation for a new vacuum pump. After no black metal powder can be seen in the oil, the oil change period can be extended appropriately in the future.

6. Under normal circumstances, the vacuum pump needs to be repaired after working for 2000 hours, check the aging degree of the rubber seal, check whether the exhaust valve is cracked, and clean up the dirt deposited on the valve and exhaust valve seat. Clean the rotors, rotary vanes, springs, etc. in the entire vacuum pump cavity with gasoline, and dry them. After cleaning the rubber parts, wipe them dry with a dry cloth. When cleaning the assembly, be sure to handle it with care and be careful not to scratch it.

Second, the use and maintenance of vacuum pumps

1. For the maintenance method of the vacuum pump during operation, the bearing temperature of the vacuum pump should not be higher than the ambient temperature of 35°C.

2. The maintenance method of the vacuum pump in the cold winter season. Pay attention to antifreeze when using it. After parking, unscrew the water drain screw plug at the lower part of the pump body to drain the medium. Prevent frost cracking.

3. When the vacuum pump needs to be stopped, the gate valve and pressure gauge must be closed first, and then the motor should be stopped to reduce the damage to the department due to sudden power failure.

4. If the vacuum pump is out of service for a long time, it is necessary to disassemble the pump completely, wipe off the water, apply grease to the rotating parts and joints, install them, and keep them properly.

5. When the vacuum pump is reassembled, a trial run should be carried out. Generally, it must be run dry for 2 hours and the oil should be changed twice. Because there will be a certain amount of volatile matter in the vacuum pump during cleaning, it will be put into normal operation after it runs normally.

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