What are the general materials of Decoration Metal Lantern Candle Holder?

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A Decoration Metal Lantern Candle Holder is an undecorated or decorated appliance with spikes or holes to hold a candle. It is one of the traditional lighting appliances. It has been replaced by light bulbs in modern times, but there are still many families with candlesticks. , it is mainly used as decorations, so what kind of material is the candlestick?

1. Among the materials of candle holders, metal is more commonly used, especially iron candle holders are very common. Iron candle holders are easy to clean dust, are not fragile, and can be well matched with any home decoration style; but it also has a single color shortcoming.

2. In addition to iron candlesticks, there are also silver candlesticks, copper candlesticks, gold candlesticks, etc. in the genus candlesticks, which are exquisite in shape and have good decorative effects, which can add interest to home life.

3. In addition to metal candlesticks, the more common materials of modern candlesticks are glass and crystal. The candlesticks of these two materials show an avant-garde and lively style. The exquisite curves and sharp edges and corners can fully reflect the The beauty of candlelight is very sentimental.

Metal, crystal, and glass are the more mainstream candlestick materials. There are also some ceramic candlesticks, wooden candlesticks, and thick paper candlesticks on the market, all of which have their own characteristics and can bring different sentiments and atmospheres.

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