Does sponge car wash damage car paint?

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The Car Polishing Waxing Wash Cleaning Sponge will not scratch the car paint, the following is the relevant introduction:

1. The sponge is mainly used for water absorption, and can fully lubricate the surface of the car paint when washing the car;

2. When washing the car, first wet the surface of the car with a water gun, then use a sponge to dip in clean water mixed with car wash liquid, and smear the surface of the car. If you encounter stubborn stolen goods, you can wipe it repeatedly with a sponge;

3. After the surface of the vehicle is covered, rinse off the foam with a water gun and dry it with a clean towel.

Car paint maintenance:

1. Before and after the vehicle is used, the dust on the vehicle body should be removed in time to minimize the adsorption of dust by the static electricity of the vehicle body;

2. The rain stains on the rear body will gradually shrink and the concentration of acidic substances in the rain will gradually increase. If the rain stains are not washed with clean water as soon as possible, the finish will be damaged over time;

3. When washing the car, wait for the engine to cool down. Do not wash the car under the scorching sun or high temperature, so as not to leave traces due to the detergent being dried. Usually wash the vehicle by yourself with special detergent and neutral running water. Do not use alkaline washing powder, soapy water and detergent, so as to prevent the grease in the paint surface from being washed off and accelerate the aging of the paint surface.

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